Save the planet.

Improve a classroom.

Look at you, multitasking!

We’re so excited to help you or your company donate surplus materials to educators! To help US out, please take a minute to read over our donation guidelines.

Like to organize? We always need help sorting incoming donations! Sign up to volunteer HERE.


“What can I donate?”

Some examples of what we're normally able to accept:

  • Arts & crafts supplies (paint, stamps, canvas, googly eyes, corks)
  • Paper (old letterhead, scraps, stationary, scrapbook, mat board)
  • Office supplies (staplers, tape, desk organizers, clipboards)
  • Classroom items (games, books, prizes, decor, school supplies, white boards, current & organized teacher resources)
  • Textiles (fabric, yarn, leather, scraps, notions, patterns)
  • Containers and organizers
  • Event materials (used signage, printed-on promo items, decorations)
  • Bulk surplus items, off-cuts, defects, misprints, remnants from manufacturing
  • Vintage and funky finds
  • Desk chairs
  • Other furniture can be donated by filling out the form below - please do not drop off

Got something weird you're not sure about? Ask us! We love weird. If we can’t take your donation, we'll do our best to refer to you to an organization that can. We work with many great nonprofits in the area, so please contact us for suggestions!

Call or text 682-200-9911‬ or email

Items we can't accept right now due to overstock:

  • Legal size hanging file folders
  • Binders over 2"
  • DVD cases
  • VHS tapes

Some items we can never accept:

  • Anything with mold or mildew
  • Textbooks (visit Books for Africa or Better World Books, or outdated/torn books can go in your recycling bin)
  • Containers that previously held food (except clean spice and coffee containers)
  • Breakable home goods (except picture frames and glass jars)
  • Used stuffed animals
  • Used clothing (except costumes and vintage)
  • CRT TVs, Console TVs, Projection TVs or CRT monitors
  • Mattresses and bedding
  • Toxic/hazardous materials
  • Matches, firecrackers, combustibles, or any type of flammable liquids
  • Materials containing lead
  • Medical waste

Please check the Fort Worth website HERE for information on proper disposal of these materials


“Got it. Now how do I donate?”

- Please be kind to our staff, volunteers, and teachers, and only donate materials in a condition you'd want to receive them - organized, clean, and preferably in containers you don't need back. So much of our limited time goes into processing incoming donations. Your help with this is much appreciated, and enables us to spend more of our time serving teachers! Want to volunteer with us? Sign up HERE!

- To ensure our tiny team is ready to greet you, donations are accepted by appointment only. Spots are limited so that we have time and space to process donations. If you have less than an SUV load of material, please schedule a drop-off time below.

- If you have large furniture or more than an SUV load to donate, please fill out the 'Large Donation Form' below. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible, because due to our limited storage space, we often need to match items with their new school or nonprofit home before we can accept them.

- We reserve the right to refuse items even if they have been approved by form, phone, or email. We cannot accept dirty, moldy, or hazardous materials.


“Who receives my stuff?"

Your donation means teachers don't have to spend their own money on classroom materials, and students don't have to go without the tools they need to succeed. Donated items are made available for FREE to educators at accredited public and charter schools, as well as some qualified nonprofit private schools and other 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. We don’t give materials to for-profit schools, in-home educators, or to anyone for personal use.

If it doesn't belong in a classroom, or we receive more of an item than our teachers can use, we offer it for sale to the community in our creative reuse shop. 100% of proceeds go to keeping our doors open for educators, plus we're giving makers, artists, and kids of all ages access to affordable creative materials!

Know a teacher who could use free stuff? Send them HERE to find out how to shop with us.


The calendar is working correctly - we are typically booked out several weeks. We're a tiny team and appreciate your patience! (Want to help us be able to accept more stuff? Donate funds or sign up to volunteer HERE!)

Save the planet.

Improve a classroom.

Look at you, multitasking!

Save the planet. Improve a classroom.

Look at you, multitasking!